Why Wild Yak Luxury?

A passion of difference

The Himalaya is the core of authentic traditions in a rich diversity of landscapes and numerous impressive snow-capped high peaks. Staying in the Shangri-La, Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan, is also to experience the values of true and sincere hospitality and culture of its population.

Our commitment to bring our guests in the true spirit of the beauty of the traditional culture of the Himalayas with a delicate touch of quality and luxury together dates back to our first glimpse of the architectural heritage in Kathmandu, Nepal. What began as an impulsive action grew into a passion for sharing these fantastic and stunning impressions with our guests.

WILD YAK LUXURY exceptional and exclusive trips combine overnights in prestigious hotels and lodges with their unique artistic, cultural and traditional charm, guided sightseeing of UNESCO World Heritage sites and flight over the majestic outstanding Himalayan scenery and the Top of the World: Mount Everest.

WILD YAK LUXURY is the new benchmark in travels to the Himalayas.